FINCH hudson…..  a unique and expertly curated collection of vintage and modern goods for the home - a spirit of timelessness and quality that combines the Hudson Valley’s centuries long tradition of local goods made by hand and made well with a spirit of space and living...not tethered to a single time or specific fashion.

Its an understanding that a lifestyle is a collection that implicitly values the modern’s place with the traditional and that style is the union of good pieces.

Created by luxury fashion leader Andrew Arrick, a driving force for design houses Yves Saint Laurent, Celine, Carolina Herrera and Vera Wang. His 20 years luxury retail experience in New York City gives him a distinct understanding of fashion and the relation of quality to value and its place in bringing together individual pieces to create one’s unique personal expression.

Together with his husband Michael Hofemann, who brings a strong marketing and operational background with a specific eye to finding distinct objects around the globe, enhancing the FINCH narrative and experience, they've decamped from Williamsburg Brooklyn to their small farm near Tivoli NY.