Marc Scrivo

Photographer Marc Scrivo

Kansas born artist Marc Scrivo is equal parts explorer, storyteller and capturer of souls. His work encompasses art from its multiple vantage points: photography, music and film.

FINCH life curated is proud to host his photographic series titled “HARVEST… EXPLORE, LOVE, TREES.”

HARVEST surveys the controversial alliance between man and trees. Man’s infamous plucking of trees for human consumption, at first anthropocentric, is vital for native groves to thrive. Too, when a forest’s natural selection is arrested by man’s fire prevention regime, chaos champions the woodland, and many species suffer, The Harvest – requisite or remiss.

This 2013 collection of images tell the story of our forest’s overpowering nature. Magnificent raw material rendered here – living, breathing beings.

Marc began photographing trees seven years ago, HARVEST has led (aside from numerous bouts with poison ivy, oak and sumac) him to becoming an active share holder in a Northern California tree farm and also adopting an abandoned apple orchard in Livingston, NY. Marc and his wife Kate are currently investigating a Forest Management Plan with D.E.C. to manage 56 acres in the Hudson Valley.

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More information about Marc’s photography work is available at STUDIOSCRIVO and you can find him on Facebook HERE>

His acting career includes film shorts Coney Island Baby (2009) and Dash Cunning (2010). He more recently stared in the indie movie Sweet Little Lies (2011) by Emmy winner Joe Saunders with Bill Sage.

Born Marc Vincent Rocco Scrivo