Tivoli Farm – here we come


December 28, 2012 – and we are finally doing it – the Brooklyn boys are amoving to the country.  Ok – northern Dutchess County in the picturesque Hudson Valley – Tivoli NY to be precise, not exactly solitude and endless prairies of golden waves of grain – but……. something big in our lives, certainly.

Don’t get me wrong – I really dig the city energy and I do sorta like working ten hours a day – gives me a sense of accomplishment – but maybe a different focus is required – not getting any younger.  Besides – I have some ideas.

For Andrew – the love of my life for sixteen years and counting – the city’s double edged.  Yes it’s glamourous – and we live in a gorgeous artists loft in Williamsburg Brooklyn.  He’s worked for some of the best fashion brands, Yves Saint Laurent, Celine, Carolina Herrara and Vera Wang – but its also an industry with a lot of pretty on the outside – and  a bit of crazy on the inside…..  I could never do it – not sure how he’s lasted.  Besides, Andrew’s a suburban kid at heart – he likes to get into his station wagon and drive to a grocery store the size of a football field.  The city was never going to keep him – and he’s got ideas
….so we’re doing it.

Tivoli Farm – here we come.


Adria - Jun 8, 2013

I was at your store opening last weekend, and absolutely wowed by your selections. I finally had the time to check out your website this afternoon, and low and behold! The farm you moved to was previously my aunt’s farm. I saw the picture and exclaimed out loud. I spent many hours as a little girl playing in the hay lofts and running through the fields behind the barns. I’m so excited such a cool couple are sharing a special piece of my own personal history.

Good luck, guys!

Gonzalo1973 - Mar 6, 2014

Congratulations Michael and Andrew! Michael, I am so happy for your new venture…Everything looks amazing! I am not sure if you remember me, but we met at Axis on behalf of the bank.

Best Wishes, Gonzalo

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