the Tivoli Farm Roses

… ok – its August and it seems all we’ve had is rain, rain rain – summer is in need of a bit more… well, summer.

Some rose-colored sunshine is in order – with a display of a few of the roses blooming in late June 2013 at the farm.  Mostly climbing roses – and many still in an early stage of development – with years of growing, pruning, bug patrolling, scent sniffing and glorious enjoyment … to go.

r. Ballerina – a lovely hybrid musk with large clusters of single pink and white flowers – and also rather prickly.

ballerina rose



r. Leontine Gervais – very hardy wichuraiana hybrid bearing a most beautiful mix of yellow, salmon, and orange – just planted this year on the front porch trellis!!

leontine gervais rose

leontine gervais


r. Albertine – another blend of salmon and pink – with a lovely soft double petal that will eventually grow fifteen feet  – already shooting up four feet in its first year.

albertine rose



r. Parky – the nursery sent this to replace the one I ordered – was slightly peeved – but uh – what gorgeous white flowers covered the entire bush – just in its 2nd year.

parky rose



r. New Dawn – a very popular rose – this one the classic pink climber growing against the barn wall in the vegetable garden – going to be enormous.

new dawn climbing rose

new dawn climbing


r. Lavender Lassie – ok, no making fun of the name – and not even lavender in truth – more mauve – but climbing a corner of the kitchen pergola – hit eight feet in its 2nd year.

lavender lassie rose

lavender lassie


r. Rosarium Uetersen – this lovely German climber has huge coral-pink flowers – and 100 petals per…..

rosarium uetersen

rosarium uetersen


r. the Katrina found rose – as the name implies – this is a rooting from the actual rose found growing in a ruined New Orleans neighborhood following Katrina – it is spectacular growing over the vegetable garden entrance…… and our wire-haired pointer Mathilda guarding the entrance.

katrina found rose

katrina found rose



katrina rose closeup

katrina rose


….the eight pictured roses are just a few of the twenty eight now growing at Tivoli Farm – stay tuned for next spring when all the news ones begin their bloom.

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