the opening windows…

… a moss covered spring grove in Hudson – a perfect setting of contemplation – an expression of the intersection of vintage and modern, between the tangible earth and what we create from it.

North Window: cast iron faux bois garden bench c1930 with highly weathered wood slat back.  “Confetti” painting in multi-yellow by artist Jim Oliveira.  Apple blossoms courtesy of Chuck Mead Orchard (post pruning).

South Window: pair of cast iron fern pattern garden armchairs around an industrial wrought iron table with patchwork wood top and basket-form metal base.  Series of four “Color Pile” technique paintings by Jim Oliveira – part of twelve made expressly for FINCH life curated.

Center Window: vintage Eames rocker with patchwork surface by Jim Oliveira.


store 050913-4


store 050913-2


store 050913-3

Additional information about Jim Oliveira can be found at



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Michael Rauschenberg - May 31, 2013

Hello Michael and Andrew! Congratulations on your new store, careers and home! We just heard about the change and wish you both all the best and tremendous success! The pictures of the store look beautiful! We look forward to seeing it and you both in person soon.

Michael and Tyler

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