Our visit with artist Jim Oliveira

FINCH is proud to introduce Jim Oliveira to the Hudson art scene.  A personal friend and an amazing artist who is also a leading Italian art glass expert with his wonderful partner Sara Blumberg.  We are also so incredibly pleased to have them nearby – with Jim’s studio recently moving to Milan NY just east of Red Hook (if you see the “Fork In the Road” sculpture on route 199 – you’re there) from their long-time home in a repurposed New Hampshire bowling alley……

Andrew and I spent a cool March day with Jim and Sara in the Milan studio to discuss his art and select pieces for the upcoming FINCH store opening.  We wanted it all of course – and you can view his work at 613 Warren in Hudson NY.

….the welcoming artist


….Andrew and Sara in front of a dazzling red!!!


…this is one is a series of twelve color pile paintings Jim made expressly for FINCH.


…Jim’s Color Pile technique artwork in production for the FINCH store opening.


..we were both particularly taken with “Yves Klein” blue – a rather rich and stunning hand mixed ultramarine.



…the vintage 50s Eames rocker as piece of art – will take center stage in the FINCH windows – wouldn’t you?


…Jim’s material is a combination of acrylic gloss medium hand-mixed with ink and raw pigment.


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