Making the FINCH candle

A new and exciting Hudson creation by FINCH life curated – and just in time for the holiday’s.

Our first signature candle, “autumn/winter scent 1 – with burnt clove, cinnamon bark, vanilla and sweet bourbon (of course).  All regionally made.

Cast of Characters:

Andrew Arrick (Creator), Dana Brandwein (Handmade Ceramic Vessel), Lisa Devo (Scent Collaboration), Valerie Dorinson (Custom Box Design) and Stacy Alese (Oakmont Candle Co).

…and the ceramic mold gets sculpted, poured and trimmed by Dana.

candle working with mold   cadle pour2


candle pour out  candle trim


candle mold 1  candle mold 2

…waiting to dry.

candle waiting to dry

..the gorgeous Dana Bandwein ceramic vessel for FINCH

candle finishedvessels

….Oakmont candle pouring and setting.

candle pouring


…the final product.

FINCH single candle

FINCH Candle 1a


…the perfect collaborators, Dana Brandwein and Andrew Arrick!

candle dana andrew


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