Guy and Ben Wolff

This season, Finch is thrilled to be carrying and sharing – two complimentary but distinct hand-thrown clay garden pots by New England-based father and son artisans, Guy Wolff and Ben Wolff.

On a cool April morning, Andrew and I made the trek to Connecticut, just east of Mohawk Mountain, to see the Wolffs at work—Guy fashioning his faintly white-washed pottery with subtle, deconstructed decorative motifs (since 1971) in Bantam, Ben producing a line of elemental (but not a bit austere), grayscale pots just 10 miles north in the hamlet of Goshen.

Pots-père and pots-fils both strike the perfect balance between restrained, thoughtful design and earthy, handed character.


….Guy Wolff at the potters wheel, always with a smile and a great story.

guy wolff

….these custom pots are three feet tall – extrordinary

guy wolff

andrew arrick guy wolff pottery

guy wolff

….Ben Wolff in front of his kiln (it was a rather cold spring morning)

ben wolff

ben wolff

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